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Mexico Mission

Updated: May 19, 2020

In February 2020, I had the privilege to be part of a medical team with Mission to the World. We helped to newer churches with their outreach to their communities in Juarez, Mexico. This town has been in the news for the violence and drug problems it has experienced, yet there are vital, growing churches that have a heart for their city. Juarez is just across the border from El Paso in the mountains so, unlike most of Mexico, we experienced very cold temperatures and snow while we were there. The churches were made of cold concrete and they did not have central heat. I dressed in layers to make sure I did not spend my time whining and God answered my prayers, keeping my hands warm enough to work! I was busy every day, doing a variety of procedures, from cleanings and exams to medicinal fillings and extractions. Fortunately, I had time to talk with and pray with many of my patients. I got by with my Spanish, though sometimes I had a translator help me with the prayers!

There were doctors and nurses on our team and the local doctor joined us. He had served with the team in years past but had just lost his wife a few weeks before. This outreach was his first time back to work and he shared through cheerful cries how much it meant to him, to be encouraged by our team. He found happiness, that this is what his wife would have wanted. The best part about mission trips is that we get the opportunity to make friends. God knows how much friendship means to us, He created us this way!

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