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Tooth Removal

What is it?

Dr. Merlino can perform simple tooth extractions, where a tooth needs to be permanently removed. Extractions can be necessary for a variety of reasons including orthodontic planning, periodontal issues, impaction, or extreme decay and infection, just to name a few. Complex extractions may be referred to an oral surgeon.

What can I expect after an extraction?

Post-operative care is necessary for proper healing. Some bleeding is to be expected. You can help control bleeding by:

  • Using the gauze provided to you, fold it and then roll it.

  • Place on extraction site and bite with pressure.

  • Change as necessary – usually every 10 or 15 minutes during the first hour.

  • Remember that your saliva will be mixing, making it appear that you’re bleeding more than you are.

  • Cover your pillow with a towel.

  • Do not rinse or use a straw.

  • Refrain from blowing your nose. Do not smoke.  All of these can dislodge the clot, causing dry socket, which can be very painful.

  • Refrain from taking aspirin or other pain medications, as they may thin your blood and prolong bleeding.

  • Take it easy!  Don’t do anything unnecessary that may get your blood pumping.

  • Eat soft foods (ice cream is great!) Drink plenty of liquids.  Do not drink beverages containing alcohol or caffeine.

  • If bleeding persists, use a wet tea bag in place of the rolled gauze.

The day after your extraction, you may rinse with warm salt water. You may eat normally, but avoid that side as food will lodge in the socket. It is normal to feel some discomfort and soreness for the first day or two. If after a few days the extraction site seems softer and is not getting better, you may have a dry socket. Dr. Merlino may have to clean out the socket to let it heal properly. You may need an antibiotic. A dry socket is an extraction site that is not healing properly. This may occur more frequently in smokers or when the tooth has had a long standing infection. Try to refrain from smoking for a day or two.

If an extraction is necessary, it is important to think about a tooth replacement option. An extracted tooth leaves an open area in the jaw which, in time, allows the neighboring teeth to drift into the area where the tooth was extracted. This in turn, causes a chain reaction to all the surrounding teeth. Our team will discuss implant options that fit your unique needs and budget.

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