A note from Dr. Merlino,

    To our valued patients and future patients, we realize that throughout this COVID-19 ordeal there has been confusing, even contradictory information released. Though our state Government is allowing us to return to work, the CDC and the Department of health does not believe it is wise to return to routine dentistry at this time. You may not be aware of this but dentistry is rated the most dangerous job when it comes to COVID-19, due to the aerosol generated by the high speed hand-piece (drill). That aerosol can remain in the air in a room for a while. Sources are not certain how long it remains there. We do not want to put our patients or our staff at risk.

    Our doctors will be seeing patients that have emergencies – pain, an abscess, a broken tooth, a loose crown, a mouth sore. If you believe you have a problem, we can see you for an exam and necessary x-rays. We will practice where we can have the greatest amount of airflow to renew the air in that room. We will only be doing procedures that can be done without a hand-piece. Routine cleanings will not be done at this time.

    All of us here at Annette Merlino DMD, Inc. thank you for your patience and understanding.

    We are hopeful that we can return to a more normal schedule in August or September, when we can perform routine fillings and cleanings for our well-deserving patients.

    May God bless you and keep you and your family healthy and safe. 



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